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oakley frogskins 24-297 matte black polarised, Italia Independent eye Oakley glasses 2016: the new line ME, MYSELF&EYE for customizing your frame Italia Independent presents its new line ME, MYSELF&eye, that revolutionizes the way of conceiving the eye Oakley glasses, proposing for the first on the market, a line of Oakley glasses using the MC decor. With ME, MYSELF&amp, oakley frogskins 24-297 matte black polarised.

oakley frogskins 24-297 matte black polarised, EYE everyone can choose how to customise your frame through the application of different bezels which completely transformed the shape, adapting it to the mood of the occasions.unpublished material of manufacture, realized in collaboration with the historic Italian company Mazzucchelli 1849, The world leader in the field of plastic eyewear has designed the MC decor, an innovative polyurethane sheet thin and flexible high aesthetic content. Thanks to a production process avanguardistico, which reproduces the sheets of cellulose acetate, the material reaches a lightness is unique in its kind and a coloring rich of colors, with three-dimensional shades similar to a natural effect. As a dress to be applied to the goggles, the foil allows you to change the face, to wear a style of life, load of originality of their each frame, which mounts lenses flex, are exclusively allocated three masks by applying the two models of unisex proposed, in round shape and squared, declined in six variants alone and in three by vista. If the eye Oakley glasses is an accessory, a personal touch that complete the look, ME, MYSELF&eye is the best interpretation. 69 View Gallery “Italy Indipendent eye Oakley glasses 2016: the new line ME, MYSELF&EYE, photos”