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oakley flak jacket gold iridium lenses, San Valentino 2014, Oakley sunglasses Italia Independent Oakley sunglasses Italia Independent are a great gift idea for San Valentino 2014. On the occasion of the feast of the lovers, the brand founded and directed by Lapo Elkann comes to our rescue with a model exclusive and unique, designed specifically for the celebrations of14-Feb, oakley flak jacket gold iridium lenses.

oakley flak jacket gold iridium lenses, If you are looking for a gift fashion and glamour for San Valentino, a pair of Oakley sunglasses can be the solution.For San Valentino brand of Oakley sunglasses Italia Independent presents us with its unique Edition, a special edition of Oakley sunglasses who wears the color of love and passion, namely the red, and the romantic hearts, for a model that is truly captivating and futuristic, that winks however the eye to the Eighties for the lines proposed.The front of this model of Oakley sunglasses is red bordeaux, embellished by surface treatment UV LUX, that manages to make the surface smooth and fluffy just as if it were of velvet. The rods have been made with the technology I-Thermic, a highly technological innovatico and that allows the overcoming of a temperature of 30 degrees centigrade to reveal the texture color. The model of Oakley sunglasses you can buy on the online store of Italia Independent at a cost of 177 euro. And on the site we can also find all other models produced by the fashion brand of Lapo Elkann!Photos | Facebook page Italia Independent