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oakley unisex sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM? MARITIME POLARIZED SI CHAINLINK? version army sunglasses out-of-the-box profiling Oakley PRIZM? MARITIME POLARIZED SI CHAINLINK? version army sunglasses out-of-the-box measured since the last sunglasses bad after has been eager to buy a good sunglasses. Dual 11 originally wanted to buy discount of the hungry and play, oakley unisex sunglasses.

oakley unisex sunglasses, and later have racked simply bite the bullet directly on to the Oakley, In view of the military version of the Oakley sunglasses can only in the continental U.S, sales, but also must be in possession of a permit to buy it, the officers managed to a friend in the United States a deputy, the results of the express hang registered usps first class. Also worried about the years ago can be so, but he did not expect to work at one phone call to call notification to the volume, the volume that was finally usps hard with one. The official website of the town with the figure (Link) is a simple packaging box. All items. It is necessary to point out that this is a version of the glasses SI, i.e. army version. Si spectacles ordinary Oakley lenses, improved resistance to shock, was said to resist the 12m shotguns bullets. The military version of the Oakley only in the continental U.S. manufacturing and marketing, and is independent of the official website of the web site, you must purchase the military could also on ebay for SI Oakley limits, is the very small number of. So in fact, this has been previously sunglasses unpack too, but it does not have any effect on the. It is necessary to point out that it is now in China to set up factories Oakley, I am not theforeign things, fawning but because it was said to be Chinese Oakley quality has degraded. The protection of items on this one mirror set, the black spots fine camouflage. This point has in fact is a bit hang after all, so expensive glasses, should send a glasses box. I bought a redefinition of the original. The glasses kit is also mirrored step, materials very special, official recommended for this direct wipe glasses this model is SI prizm chainlink. Chainlink is 14 years in Oakley introduced a new leisure sunglasses, since we want to peacetime tourism also takes, so it is not buy Form Factor too militarization of the model. Si version of spectacle frames is extinction black, low and tactics. Low-key on both sides of a most standard “O” symbol is the model number of the matte black and size. It should be explained that the Oakley previously in Asia is not widespread, so many of the glasses western face design, the nosepiece of the kind was also very low in order to adapt itself to the western high nose. Si as in the United States, so it is not the Asian version of the nose and very low. Although the nose bridge can be exchanged for the Asian version of the nosepiece, but I quite high, Dell is not what the original face-response. But because of the fear that, or whether they bought the Asian nosepiece which is also the replacement. The mirror on the legs of the Oakley lettering outdoor can add non-slip twine this using the optical lens, prizm+ offset should be at the highest level of the lenses of the Oakley. Prizm mirrors are most proud Oakley lenses of what is said to the human eye after analysis of the design of high-tech glasses, can directly enhance contrast so that the red for red, green more green. On the lenses of the prizm is standard. Such lenses mainly in the skiing and diving, leisure series only a few of the lens is not good to the test pieces: because there is no opportunity to come out, and the weather is not very good, the hungry and try a first look at the lenses of the prizm appearance. Coating is beautiful. Because of the lenses coated blue film, so when viewed from the front of the blue green offset. Can not let others see their eyes. At the same time, this is also the polarized glasses. While the inner side and the more red light offset with respect to the test, the answer is very simple to rotate the LCD, you can see the rotation to an angle, the light will not filter become black prizm lens things to look at red, in particular in low-light situations. To strong light filter very obviously, better than the previous AO polarized glasses. This lens as official website, enhances contrast, indeed very clear. Even worse than does not wear glasses are clear and I found ah, such lenses especially suitable for fog of decision-making in areas where serious, such as Wuhan. The original figure finally to and at the same time, seals the marathon of army-fortunate that I is a high nose, feeling and I face very close. Do not appear on the website of Asians Dell original will be posted face, cannot laugh. Summary The glasses: 1.prizm lenses are very stunning, had never before experienced the effects of the glasses 2. so lightly, resin lens. Provides portable while balancing performance 3.prizm Lens Red that certain environmental or some of the people and cannot meet. Can be changed to a normal polarized lens 4. You pay for what you get, perhaps you think that flower 1, 2K buy sunglasses nothing, I have also shares this view, but the glasses is really very comfortable, and is especially suitable for me this outdoor family!