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oakley jawbone lens, Eyes and rugby balls? Astigmatisch? Oratorical? Cylinder? 3.25!? “Please wait! I have the recipe of my previous optician in my bag.” Let the lady in question are now a shoved inside as purse. That will take some time. “But, I measure the Oakley glasses but also by.” Like i say something strange me with big eyes. “But I have very special glass though!”indeed, oakley jawbone lens.

oakley jawbone lens, Very special, Because her eyes are astigmatisch.There is thus a cylinder in its glass.An optician has told her again: Mrs, your eyes are as rugby balls, In one direction is the eyeball handling flatter than in the other direction, If you have 2 different strengths in your eyeglass.No basketball but rugby balls.There you are with your good behavior and a complex. Abnormal eyes!but a cylinder is therefore not at all as abnormal. There are in fact the most eyes I measure astigmatisch. In other words not ball around, but indeed more a rugby ball or ovoid.That different strengths for the same purpose can fine in 1 eyeglass are sharpened. And no, that is not by definition a much more expensive glass. Perhaps it is sometimes slightly saves but more than a banknote will not part.Sometimes looks so’n Cylindrical glass a bit strange in the beginning. Door Posts can distort what. Or you can feel a little drunk. A little than hugh! It looks in particular else if you have long accustomed to without that correction to watch. Or if the cylinder has become much more in the course of the years. Your optician tells you in advance what you can expect of the new strength. And you can help yourself to not to wait too long with a new strength.A cylinder gives you more sharpness, contrast.This correction must be exactly the right way to be stoppered. At small deviations can sometimes large viewing complaints arise. Half-timbered so!a large increase in the astigmatism is a good reason to keep your eyes also completely to be screened BY AN OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN. That does not only look at the strength but also to the health of the eye. For example, changes to the cornea or in the lens of the eye is sometimes the cause of the cylinder increase. That could be a reason to consult the ophthalmologist or the cylinder strength in your Oakley glasses not to adapt. The optometrist can you give it an appropriate opinion.In short, everyone has very special eyes. Basketball or rugby balls. All beautiful and unique eyeballs.