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oakley holbrook face shape, The new 09 prada sunglasses and a new type of five fold-up design new prada 09 new sunglasses series using the new five fold-up design combines sleek and elegant in one of the brand of the pursuit of meticulous attitude of details. The colors are concerned, the sunglasses on the hawksbill colors for the new generation, the original colors on the basis of the hawksbill integration into the black and gray two new colors, oakley holbrook face shape.

oakley holbrook face shape, As for the classic LOGO sign showing that is not only the Symbol brand influence, by more in detail on interpretation of brand unique charm and comfort of the experience, 09 prada new sunglasses divided into men and two paragraphs, 09 prada new sunglasses men edition version to be characterized by large and the lines to create a stylish appearance extraordinary Men new sunglasses are black, matt black and gray color streaks the hawksbill turtle (color) to choose the color, image and the end of a small prada brand typeface. While 09 new sunglasses prada president-you pursuit of the minimalist design concept that is designers to this president optical sunglasses the purposes. Where the slim framed mirrors and mirror and a lightweight, better quality, and exudes a purely minimalist female qualities. In the color selection, or with a black with a wide variety of colors for the hawksbill ladies. This glasses brand, naturally became a stronghold of the parody version object, if consumers are in the shopping in not prudent to select, keen to prada 09 new sunglasses customers may be selected to prada 09 new sunglasses of fake goods, then how to tell the new 09 prada sunglasses and false? 09 prada new sunglasses genuine glasses for injection molding type, an unqualified is advanced plastic, and leave the new 09 prada sunglasses is panel. The Panel compared and the injection of more crisp, but the injection is expensive, and these costs will be assessed to each vice sunglasses, we can imagine the cost of only a Real brand glasses are strength to do so. While the stronghold of the 09 new prada sunglasses produced rough, and there can be no genuine, and genuine will have refined LOGO mark.