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oakley fuel cell infinite hero, Resident Evil the final chapter: Shawn Roberts wearing Oakley sunglasses Police is an increasingly close link that binds Police to large productions of action movies of Hollywood. The trademark of eye Oakley glasses and lifestyle of Casa De Rigo back on the screen, to dress the Canadian actor Shawn Roberts, in the shoes of Albert Wesker, oakley fuel cell infinite hero.

oakley fuel cell infinite hero, algid antagonist of “Resident Evil: the final chapter”.The saga comes from the homonymous videogame worship, once again directed by Paul W, S, Anderson and interpreted by Milla Jovovich, arrives at the sixth and last chapter, For the last time Milla/Alice will try to extinguish the Virus-T, able to transform human beings in fierce zombies. And for the last time will have to do with glacial Albert Wesker, bad by manual, that never separates from his iconic Oakley sunglasses. Oakley glasses, symbol of the character in “Residen evil: the final chapter” are the Police S8756. An iconic model that the costume designers of the film have chosen specifically for the wraparound shape, minimal and futuristic – the ideal synthesis of the appearance and character of Wesker – and that police has customized for the special occasion in order to make it even more “dark”.With participation in “Resident Evil: the final chapter”, Police reaffirms its involvement with Hollywood Studios. In the last year, to wear the eye Oakley glasses of the house brand De Rigo was the star of the super-hero movies for excellence, Robert Downey Jr. both in the shoes of Iron Man on the set of the bockbuster “Captain America: Civil War”, that on the red carpet of the world premiereof the film in Los Angeles, where the actor appeared with the model Police Neymar Jr 1 S1948. Not only Oakley glasses: Always in 2016 with the film “Batman vs. Superman” Police, today brand of lifestyle in the round, has made a limited edition of watches.