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oakley frogskins wearing, Eye protection on the slopes of the ski-hormones are already high on so here and there. I have no load of at least of these hormones. That hauling of skis, sticks, helmet. What a hassle i think that. Not to mention cold fingers and toes. No, not see me.Go skiing? Think of good eye protection!that you are well against sunlight can, oakley frogskins wearing.

oakley frogskins wearing, does not mean to say that without Oakley sunglasses can, UV radiation is not the same as a bright light, Too much UV will damage your skin and your eyes, There is no one-insensitive, In the event of unprotected skin you sunbathe red and sensitive, It is burned, This bad influence has UV radiation also on the delicate eye tissue. It can cause damage (lasting). Think of the eyelids (skin cancer), conjunctiva and cornea (snow blindness), the lens of the eye (star) and the retina (macular degeneration).unprotected is unwise!So protect your eyes. Also when the cloudy, there is UV radiation. And snow reflected this also. What should you be aware of when purchasing a good pair of Oakley sunglasses in the snow?100% UV protection glass of plastic or polycarbonate (almost unbreakable)Contrast enhancing color (see depth better)around then on the face (little light)some ventilation (against fogging)well afpa (wearing comfort)possibly on the strength (or combine with contact lenses)appropriate to the rest of your ski outfit ??et happened even that a old Oakley glasses supplied with solar glass. These frames are often less suitable. Among other things because there is plenty of light from the top and sides. You invest often in safe materials and protective clothing. Even if it is only for a single week or slightly longer per year. Remember especially your eyes not.2nd hand they have been poorly available!proper eye protection is essential on the slopes.