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oakley frogskins matte black violet iridium, Tue, Kun with, sunglasses, classic hawksbill camouflage popular Korean male members of the TUE nichkhun(, Kun), wearing sunglasses this brand is A.D.S.R. and Model 03 DIMITRI. In 2010 A.D.S.R. founded Japan glasses, although history brand not long, is a new brand, but its very personal styling and design and electronic musical elements related to the brand name, oakley frogskins matte black violet iridium.

oakley frogskins matte black violet iridium, and soon attracted many young people’s attention, “A.D.S.R.” is one of the four English word for acronym, these four words are the attack, decay, sustain, release the electronic instrumental in represents the corresponding set element, At the same time, as a purely English words to attack withattacks, criticized, combat, corrosion mean ;decay regressions, rot ;sustain mean you is to maintain, support, commitment, which means to endure; and release means that the release, radiation, to release. These implicit in the meaning of the brand name that is in line with the 20 now Tokyo young rock thinking. From the brand name will be able to see the “A.D.S.R.” is on the trend of the trendy young style of the route. Nichkhun wearing DIMITRI is in the Series 03 DIMITRI. The family also has 01, 02 and 04, 01 in the nose pads and nose of using gold metal cutting with cultural flavor ;02 was to use the full black rims design, low-key poise ;04 is also the hawksbill pattern, but prefer the tiger grouper feel. This is the 03 DIMITRI in this series the most electronic music wind, one of the beautiful sea turtle camouflage patterned rims, Half Round Nose portion is the engraving metal and design, arms in the unified with the hawksbill camouflage patterns at the same time, the middle section of the accession to the golden metallic elements. Is there a rock?