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oakley frogskins iridium, A journey through the history of this moment all days long feeler, think and dream I agreed. Inside starts to drink when I realized that the time has come. I must again !!! Yeah!!!!! I departure to the country where asked me word what i do for work. It does not look in which vehicle i row. My clothes fascinates not, old or new, brand or not, oakley frogskins iridium.

oakley frogskins iridium, on or off, They do not ask to my age or where I have studied, I am, physically, and then it is good.I visit the country where they are in the ‘now’, Future for them is far away, also because of the political situation, They are living today, here and now, Not yesterday, not on Facebook or Twitter and also not on Pinterest or LinkedIn. They smile not because their life is perfect, or get enough ‘likes’. But because they can enjoy together, at this time.I am in the country in which a pair of Oakley glasses is difficult to obtain. A prescription Oakley glasses obtained no guarantee that frames to choose from, or that your strength is available. +12 diopter is already quite complicated. You can guess what I have in my bag seated.I am sitting in the country where the internet is censored and googling no work is speaking. Where you have to wait until the neighbor to hang up the phone. Where Twitter no longer within reach and where you ‘likes’ not be given ample on Facebook.I would like to be in the country where nothing is as it seems, where hearts are closed with double locks and mouths muzzled. But also with people that feel like my family. Which have opened their hearts, which give me a look in their life and little by little to show how their reality is.Cuba. Where I will be in the time of when, but at this moment. Enjoy.Hasta luego!