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oakley flak jacket fishing lenses, Mido 2011 – The trends of the eye Oakley glasses and Oakley sunglasses at the international exhibition of the eye Oakley glasses has just ended in Milan at the Salone Internazionale del Mido, the most important appointment for the new world of optics and fashion connected thereto with the previews at world level. We Fashion we were there to Rho Fiera, oakley flak jacket fishing lenses.

oakley flak jacket fishing lenses, and let us give you some taste of things arriving on our eyes, always fashionisticamente speaking.The first thing we noticed are Oakley glasses M3D, proposed by CK Calvin Klein and kiss&amp, Kill these Oakley glasses are normally alone and protective by UVB radiation, but perfectly suited to watch 3D images where the meet. However we begin with the super-trend that have also understood the Sassi: the seventies. Yes, even as regards the Oakley glasses there is a return to the era of the jeans squeezed in life with flared leg to elephant. But this is a loaf very defined, i.e. the ’70 dynamic, open air.Then the trend is: vintage sports. From what noticing it? The lens you to drop and the frame is made of acetate, possibly colored, often with a line of white that emphasizes the lines together with red, green and on man, with the always chic black. That in the case of Dior Homme is a little more squared and approaches to gold.In Order: Dior Homme, Lacoste, Lacoste, Balenciaga, Gucci, Kiss&Kill, Kiss&kill M3D and CK Calvin Klein M3D.