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Cheap Oakley blue frame Sport sunglasses Hut Online 2017

Oakley Sunglasses have become an inevitable complement to many athletes interested in protecting their eyes, but also over time will also become more popular among fans of this sport and as a fashion accessory among people who have no Interest in sport.

But where did these glasses become so popular? The Oakley brand was created in 1975 by Jim Jannard, a scientist whom no one wagers and has decided to undertake the adventure of creating more durable products and better without sacrificing aesthetics. Jannard began building motorcycle knobs in his garage with only $ 300, five years later, in 1980, creating his first Oakley blue?Frame sunglasses model. In 1984, Oakley began sponsoring American cyclist Greg LeMond, winner of four tours in France, ever since Oakley has revolutionized the world of sports by sponsoring a bunch of athletes like Lance Armstrong, who has a lifelong contract With the brand.

Cheap Oakley blue frame Sport sunglasses Hut Online 2017

Today, if we continue to focus on sports, there are many athletes who have lost sight of one eye, around 2500 per year, for lack of protection with glasses that fit the type of sport practiced. For these reasons, Oakley has created various types of lenses with specific technologies that protect you from specific items, you can buy online blue oakley sunglasses?and choose them according to the sport they practice.

Impact Protection Lens, all Oakley lenses have standard ANSI safety certification. All branded lenses undergo such a test, normally intended for industrial products, because of the elite athlete’s needs to protect them from impacts.

These lenses protect against impacts against heavy objects at low speeds and high-speed objects.

HDO (Oakley High Definition) lenses are Cheap Oakley blue ?sunglasses High Definition lenses, perfect for sports such as motorcycling, mountain biking, racing, etc. as they allow us to see all the elements and colors of our environment very clearly without any distortion .

Prizm lenses: are lenses that are created for specific sports, with them what is required is to emphasize the colors that the eye is most sensitive to the details needed for each sport. These lenses allow you to adjust the light by tuning in the color spectrum. So there are Prizm for golf, snow, road and even polarized day by day.