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oakley radar path asian fit difference, What inmix sunglasses inmix sunglasses? Said to sunglasses brand, Members may think of many brands and inmix sunglasses is also a brand sunglasses, different from other brand names, sunglasses, it is more focused on the provision of life style experience. The brand by the famous bestseller writer TOMO and Wang Sheng, co-founder, positioned in the fashion accessories, oakley radar path asian fit difference.

oakley radar path asian fit difference, can be regarded as a trend of the brand, Naturally, inmix sunglasses is also a trend of stylish sunglasses, The following is a look together inmix sunglasses, Inmix sunglasses suitable for numerous face, Can be said to be extensive, Whether it is a men’s inmix sunglasses and a women’s inmix sunglasses has a different style, whether Retro style or trends, will be personal to the temperament very good. Wear eye protection and comfortable with effect is good. Inmix sunglasses effective blocking of the UV rays 315mm-380mm effectively reduce the harm of ultraviolet light, and the ability to filter out effective vehicle lamp head glare to prevent glare, resulting in the evening is also has a good eyesight. Inmix sunglasses has a very strong shock resistance, which is derived from the use of the new PHOENIX material and thus impact resistance than ordinary lenses, significantly more resolved the shock resistance capacity issues, but also in the production of such materials for the lens than lenses lighter, making inmix sunglasses in the Pei wearing a comfortable feeling. Inmix sunglasses lens 6 storey foundation layer is a natural resins. Top CR39 material, security. It is the middle of the lens inmix sunglasses, 5 storey with nm coated lens coating layer will not fade. The lenses and Good light transmission. Light transmission rate up to 99% or more. Inmix sunglasses has a valid anti-glare, radiation, UV, anti-fatigue, anti-impact, high light transmission rate, light weight, waterproof, scratch-resistant, the role of the windscreen. Inmix men sunglasses in the retro sunglasses has a better filtration strong light and inmix sunglasses increased the role of night vision, and also can be used as a driving mirror for use in the design to lay stress on simplicity, simple and classy design, sleek looks good. With a low profile and exaggerating the mirror arm of the brand name, seems to be more low-key. Men’s classic sunglasses on charm design. The metal frame of subtle look. Use colors are men always prefer black, guns, espresso styling more prominent, is also very popular with men. The above are the inmix sunglasses? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related information.