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oakley radar ev white, Goji sunglasses offset the role of optical sunglasses role? The sunglasses and not only anti-ultraviolet rays, protection of eyes, is also now the darling of the chic and offset the optical sunglasses more within the framework of the ordinary sunglasses adding new features. For flare, glare such light entry, is of very good filtering to protect the eyes, oakley radar ev white.

oakley radar ev white, The following is a look together polarized sunglasses, Goji sunglasses is based on the principle of polarization, and the granting of an additional layer of protection, Goji sunglasses because the mirrors in a polarized film layer, it is able to take advantage of its polarization boot light direction in addition to that of the human eye promiscuous light, to the role of the anti-glare. Polarization is all the same direction of vibration of the CD, and the general is from time to shock wave. In general, the reflected light is a orderly light. Goji sunglasses in the polarization of the film for this reflection with a very strong sense of filtering of such lenses allow only toward a certain direction of the polarization of the shock wave through. On the road light is a rather special reflection, shown in the light of the order of the polarized sunglasses in the light film layer can play a role, it is parallel to the path of the light waves. Vibration In fact, the filtration layer long molecules are oriented in the horizontal direction which can absorb the Horizontal Polarisation light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated and the surrounding environment of the illumination of the Whole has not decreased. In addition to some reflection of light, in the life of the harmful rays have been the most mentioned ultraviolet rays. Uv not only on human skin can cause injury and, at the same time, also eye greatly hurt the eye disease occurs. Of the optical sunglasses in the UV film layer to be able to resist ultraviolet rays, eye protection. Some aspects of a ophthalmic surgery of the crowd, is not well suited to the outside light, wearing polarized sunglasses can play a very good role of eye protection. Goji sunglasses use. For example, drive, a CD-sunglasses, you don’t have to worry about the front light vehicle lighting too harsh. Fishing, it will also do not have to worry about writing the reflected light. The outdoor sports, don’t worry unharmed. This is also the polarizer at the sunglasses is as a driving mirror, mirror, etc. fishing. The above are the polarized sunglasses role? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.