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oakley radar ev sunglasses, Frequently asked questions about Oakley sunglasses Would you buy a pair of Oakley sunglasses but you do not know what a? Here are a number of questions that for you to determine what kind of Oakley sunglasses you need! 1. It is necessary to wear Oakley sunglasses?I have no problems with it in order to walk in the sun? Sunlight contains UV rays which especially between 11 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon to be broadcast, oakley radar ev sunglasses.

oakley radar ev sunglasses, UV rays are usually filtered by the cornea but still come through the lens, This can cataract, skin blemishes and retina cause damage, 2, What is the difference between UV-A, UV-B AND UV-C-rays, The difference lies in the wave length. UV-B-beams are the most damaging to the skin and can cause eye Cataract. UV-C-rays cause cancer but are filtered by the ozone layer. UV-A-beams are the least harmful. 3. Can I use dark glass? Help protect against UV Rays?Polarized lenses are specially made with an anti-reflective coating, a polarizing film, a scratch free layer and a mirror low. It is always advisable to buy your Oakley sunglasses with a reliable trader. 4. Offers an expensive Oakley sunglasses more protection than a cheap?This legend is not true. It depends on whether the lenses are recognized and protected against UV radiation. This is usually indicated on the lenses itself or on the packaging. 5. What are the options for lenses for everyday use?For everyday use are gray / black and green tones the best choice. 6. I wear goggles. I do not wish to bear two Oakley glasses.Photo Chrom Tastic lenses are available. This darkening in natural light and be transparent in artificial light or indoors. 7. Children have a pair of Oakley sunglasses need?The lens of the eye is underdeveloped and therefore more susceptible to UV radiation. Children bring generally more time out than adults, therefore it is important to wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses. 8. What are the different lenses?a. Lenses which hold in blue glow b. Grade Rende lenses, this help drive C. Photo Chrom Tastic lenses for people wearing Oakley glasses d. Mirror lenses, this limit the reflection of the air 9. During what period should I wear Oakley sunglasses?The ideal time is 11 hours in the morning to 3 hours in the afternoon. This is the period during which the UV radiation from the sun is the greatest because the sun than perpendicular to bottom shining. 10. What is the purpose of the polarized glass?a polarized Oakley sunglasses filters horizontal polarized light. As can be seen more details. A polarized Oakley sunglasses can help the carrier for example under water things to see which is not normally by the naked eye can be observed.