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oakley holbrook wear, safety glasses safety glasses are designed to meet the security role of the glasses, according to the needs of different occasions glasses are also different. Its primary role is to shield eyes and face against infrared, ultraviolet, microwaves, etc. The electromagnetic radiation and dust, smoke and dust, metal and stone debrisand chemical solutions sputter damage, oakley holbrook wear.

oakley holbrook wear, Therefore, various types of work requires Dell different role of spectacles, such as hospital, welding, laser-engraved with the glasses, Safety spectacles because Dell goggles job career, doctors will Dell Medical safety glasses, welder be an arc radiation so that each of the glasses a wornsafety glasses of workers, should know their job the adverse environmental factors, wear suitable safety glasses. They must wear a pass. Below we learn more about the types of safety glasses to help members can have a clear picture of their own choosing the right glasses. The safety glasses are of many different types, dust glasses, impact-prevent glasses, chemical glasses and anti-radiation glasses, and more. But from the lens characteristics, we will generally it is divided into the following three types. 1, anti-solids within the protective eyewear: its primary role is to defend against metal or sand stone debris of the eyes of mechanical damage. It eyeglass frames and design firm structure, anti-blow and around the frame with a black border on the ventilation holes. Protective lens can be tempered glass, colloid bonding glass or brass web safety glasses. 2, anti-chemical solutions glasses: main role is to defenses are irritation or corrosive solution to the eyes of chemical damage. You can use the normal flat-lens, picture frames should be covered to prevent Solution spills. 3, anti-radiation safety glasses: main role is to block excessive ultraviolet radiation, such as eye hazards. The lenses are adopted that reflect or absorb radiation, but it can be visible through certain special glass. The above are the safety glasses” the relevant information. If you also want to learn more information, please click at any time Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products, buy now you can enjoy a 95% discount off o!