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oakley holbrook oo9102-51, Oakley joint) latch sunglasses designed for lovers of skateboarding design Oakley glasses in the world that are in the prestigious international movement, as a brand, Oakley glasses with high-quality quality as well as the unique design win for the many sports personalities. The recent launch of joint), Oakley latch sunglasses, more convenient with the sliding carriage lovers, oakley holbrook oo9102-51.

oakley holbrook oo9102-51, The Oakley joint) latch sunglasses to avoid the habitual skateboarder hung in the collar on the jump in and fall, causing damage to the glasses, The latch sunglasses on design is also underlines the sled people everywhere, humanized design that better enable sled lovers easily happy flipping. The Oakley in order to better designed for lovers of the sled sunglasses, more is to find a skateboarding territories the slide, the world-famous sled icon, skateboards aces sean malto curren with caples claude hopkins and best capture skateboarder appeared Los Angeles photographer atiba jefferson, four sled personages jointly issued the latch sunglasses. The latch anchorages sunglasses in the film, use element with the sliding carriage of elements. The Oakley joint) latch sunglasses, the ingenious “latch spring lock design” with the hinge on the frame structure design, the mirror and inside the metal clips can be better and more stable hung in the collar, without having to worry about will fall. The innovative design, very suitable for the needs of your slide. The Oakley joint) latch sunglasses used the exclusive research and development of o-matter( memory plastic) materials, more lightweight, significantly reducing the wearer’s burden. The material also has very good resilience and can fight a certain force also has anti-allergy. Latch the sunglasses holder to the three-point balance mirror to the design of the cover out, and flexible package by the mirror, easing the current frame to the pressure of the bridge of the nose, the whole paragraph more comfortable to wear glasses. The Oakley joint) latch sunglasses box-shaped design is all very fond of a retro, Boston box type as a framework, with classic key hole nose bridge styling, is the trend of the streets, and rate of the freedom unfettered play.