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oakley holbrook julian wilson, Flowers of colored crystal on Oakley sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana winter 2015 sees blossom flowers also on the Oakley sunglasses. We think Dolce&Gabbana to propose this trend, declining it in a luxurious style and that certainly does not go unnoticed: frames basic and true diva, proposals in black and white, which illuminate ofcolor and brightness thanks to applications in colored crystal which stylists brand propose, oakley holbrook julian wilson.

oakley holbrook julian wilson, to embellish their collection for autumn-winter 2014-2015 with a detail typically spring, The rest the same feminine collection led us in an enchanted wood, sometimes a bit too gloomy, however.After having shown you the collection of Oakley sunglasses spring-summer 2014 with colored mosaic and after admiring the sunglasse of filigree Eyewear Collection, today we will talk about the brand new Enchanted Beauties Woman Oakley sunglasses Collection, embellished by applications bright and colorful.The flowers of colored glass, with tones as the emerald green or orange, relive the eyeglass frame from the lenses oversized and nuanced, to look from true diva: we find them in the auctions of Oakley sunglasses, but also in the front part, almost wanting to surround the eye with a very elegant style, bon ton, even if at times a little too intrusive.Oakley sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, Enchanted Beauties Woman Oakley sunglasses Collection piaceBella Us the idea to embellish a collection of Oakley sunglasses practically basic and minimalist with details colored, transparent crystal capable of illuminating the gaze. The black and white of the frames are able to mitigate or enhance the colors chosen.There piaceA times the floral decorations seem to us to be a little too “intrusive”: on the rods, giving a touch of style to an indispensable accessory even in the cold season, while in the front make the eye Oakley glasses is perhaps a little too pompous.Photos | Facebook page of Dolce&GabbanaNon forget to download the Blogo App to be always updated on our content. It is available on the App Store and on Google Play and is free of charge. View Gallery “Oakley sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, Enchanted Beauties Woman Oakley sunglasses Collection”