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oakley holbrook daniel defense, Dolce&Gabbana Oakley sunglasses 2016: the new collection Flowers Lace The new collection of Oakley sunglasses and from Vista Dolce&Gabbana is called Flowers Lace and is exalted by the Sicilian lace applied on frames, enriched by Swarovski crystals and buds of pink modeled by hand. The master piece of the collection Flowers Lace, oakley holbrook daniel defense.

oakley holbrook daniel defense, limited edition, is inspired by the lace of Sicilian tradition, On the precious and wide front to throttle are laid Swarovski crystals and buds of pink, The rods are thin and perfectly balanced, with engraved logo, Declined in black with red roses or black and gray lens fuzzy, or gold with white roses and mirror lens golden, the model has a valuable matching case in black lace. Form cat-eye for the Oakley sunglasses in acetate with the Sicilian lace is declined on the metal rods enriched by Swarovski crystals and red roses. The declinations are: beige with gold rod and lens fuzzy brown; pearled pink with rod pink gold and fuzzy lens Pink; Blue Pearl with silver rod and fuzzy lens gray; red with black rod and fuzzy lens Gray; Black with rod rifle barrel and lens gray fuzzy. The second model is a large eye Oakley glasses cat-eye in pizzo worked metal laser to available in the barrel of the rifle with fuzzy lens gray and black terminal; black with fuzzy lens gray and red terminal; gold with fuzzy lens brown and ivory terminal; pink gold with fuzzy lens pink and pink terminal; silver with fuzzy lens gray and blue terminal. For eye Oakley glasses the first model is a cat-eye, with front in acetate and auctions in Pizzo di metal inspired by the traditional sicilian lace. Floral decorations and Swarovski crystals are applied by hand, finally a model squared shape in the Pizzo di metal, the slight frame that draws the eye Oakley glasses is inspired by the lace of the sicilian tradition. The model is declined in four nuance: Black with red terminal, gold with ivory terminal, pink gold with pink terminal, rifle barrel with the black terminal, silver with blue terminal. 22 View Gallery “Dolce&Gabbana Oakley sunglasses 2016: the collection Flowers Lace, photos”