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oakley fuel cell limited edition, The sunglasses shopping tips, selecting suitable for Chinese sunglasses tricks uv is not the only summer have all year round, cannot ignore the sunscreen. Said to sunglasses, many people think that the US and Europe, overseas where the celebrities wearing large mirrors, extra deep color style. But at the same style, only about high nose, oakley fuel cell limited edition.

oakley fuel cell limited edition, and white complexion, his brow and Zygomatic Bone contours of foreign talent is more suitable, Moreover, in addition to the outside in the summer season, wearing sunglasses and exaggerated comparison we will feel somewhat “and”, Then you should choose how to sunglasses to address different season and the occasion, First, it is necessary to make clear the point – responsible for glare blind and UV response is actually two different issues. If you just want to prevent UV eye injury, then choosing the features with block UV lenses glasses. With this function the transparent lens can also block, 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. If it is to prevent the sunshine too harsh, only need to wear colored lenses. Foreign brands glasses, most of whom are the designer takes into account the characteristics of the foreigners, the face, so try when wearing sunglasses must confirm that there are two points. The first point is that it is framed by the eyebrows and cheek, to select not to go. The second point is to confirm the nosepiece which is part of the nose pads can be adjusted to wear view is not affected, nose Shu uncomfortable. If you do not want your glasses look too like sunglasses, can also typically used to sunglasses lenses to prescription spectacles tinsel. There are many sunglasses brand has also introduced a specially suited to the people of Asia or has been designed specifically to work with the Chinese people face sunglasses to meet both want to protect your eyes would like to have the modern people’s needs.