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oakley fuel cell american flag, Lupin what Sun lens Lupin sunglasses is the classic in sunglasses sunglasses, has always been a popular and trendy sunglasses, subjected to numerous celebrities, trendy love is also always been praised by sunglasses. Lupin sunglasses quality is also reputedly good, of course, the precondition is that genuine, Lupin sunglasses lenses, oakley fuel cell american flag.

oakley fuel cell american flag, Lupin Sun lens material is largely based on the Tempered glass material, with high impact resistance and have good UV advantages, in addition, there is also the resin lens quality materials, If it is based on its own the most visible characteristics are used to divide, Lupin Sun lens can be divided into multiple, Classic lenses, Lupin sunglasses classic lens, Green Lens G-15, which is also a very popular 1 lens, 85% can absorb the visible light and can block most of the blue light, The vision is clear and natural, have distinct color contrast, through the lenses can be very natural into life. The Gradient Lens, mainly in crystal mirrors and resin lens, crystal mirrors with high vacuum technology in the back of the stain, on the lenses with thin oxide layers, not only lens color gradient natural smooth and the lenses more wear and more long-lasting. Lupin sunglasses resin lens used is the accurate chemical impregnation process to achieve from deep to pale gradient effect, excessive Natural is beautiful. The special lens that is reflective mirror, such lenses coated surface reflection film, through the hot metal oxide molecular-level technology fusing to the lenses of the advanced technology lenses for smooth, film layer evenly enough to reduce glare is personalization image. The polarizer at the lens with good self-reflection, you can reduce the brightness of the dazzling eliminate glare, improve contrast, visual clarity of vision in pastel colors.