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oakley frogskins vr46 limited edition, FENDI , 2014 glasses in the spring and summer FENDI sunglasses series FENDI( Effendi) is the famous Italian luxury brand by Effendi family silviaventurinifendi design, in 1925 formally established in Rome. Fendi Effendi glasses in 2014 spring/summer release FENDI sunglasses series, the refined style, Unique styling and mark of the details of the design, oakley frogskins vr46 limited edition.

oakley frogskins vr46 limited edition, such as FENDI letter combination that legendary pequin”” motifs and 2jours decoration, from soft and beautiful nature by female alike, Effendi BAGUETTE limited edition Ff0031/s sunglasses this sunglasses derived from the famous baguette handbags, through different cut to size, makes the glasses before box on the upper part of the clear able Straight contour element, the lower part shows the soft circle, showing an irresistible temptation, classic and charm, became the elegance and style combine in the landmark of stylish single product. Effendi 2JOURS sexily Ff0021/s Ff0022/s sunglasses and the unique sunglasses solely, simple and refined lines, soft subtle blend of large round box with natural colors and metal mirror and Shu decorated with brand mark on both sides of the Metal 2jours pattern, showing a retro refined elegance charm and wear can manifest the queen of the minimalist style. Effendi trendy new attitude Ff0017/s the sunglasses FENDI sunglasses oversize butterfly-shaped rims, brings the ultimate thin and sleek crisp perfect revealed, decorated in frames” pequin” bar pattern for the ultimate legendary combinations and classic details of the design, wear can accentuate the eye sexily BWV1004. The above are about 2014 Spring/Summer FENDI sunglasses series completely, if you also want to learn more, welcome to the Oakley glasses life, may also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.