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oakley frogskins black decay, super junior Li-wook, EXO SUHO, Vang Yun-ho and Lee Jong-seok, and others of the same sunglasses super junior Li-wook, EXO SUHO, Vang Yun-ho and Lee Jong-seok and Park are days, Cha Seung-won, Lee Sang-yoon, Hsu Jen-ying, bigbang victory, Korea famous singers and actors have worn this deputy sunglasses. Be so many stars enjoy sunglasses this brand is Oakley( Tom Ford), oakley frogskins black decay.

oakley frogskins black decay, model is TF211 01A, made in Italy, Concern for the French luxury brand-name, brand, Tom Ford is well known for her, Tom Ford was born in the United States of Texas, but he said he did not like many Texas fellow as bold box, instead of stylish in design with sensitive unique and innovative ideas. Tom Ford once the Ancient Oakley(?), also became the French luxury goods brand as a creative director for YVES SAINT LAURENT. 2004, Tom Ford created its own brand Oakley( Tom Ford). So many Korean stars are worn Oakley sunglasses series, but around the world. The Oakley sunglasses one of the characteristics of the latest in both ends of the rims cross over the T-shaped pattern gold metal, T pattern extending to the arms. 45 degrees from the side looks very conspicuous. Tom Ford Oakley( in ancient?) has launched a series of 70 to s fashion design elements, which allows him to stylish design with a ring. This model to the Oakley TF211 01A sunglasses in the retro understated pure black material as framed mirrors and arms in both ends of frames adorn the gold metal pattern as decor and is also a symbol of brand. The lenses are also makes use of the classic black monochrome materials. This sunglasses in Korea at 580 thousandwon, 3480 RMB Yuan.