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new oakley sunglasses 2016, Oakley sunglasses man Trussardi for summer 2013 Whenever you talk about style, the Oakley sunglasses becomes, seen its undeniable versatility, immediately topic Ghiotto. The rest for several decades, in summer as in winter, this small accessory has a fundamental role in our closet; touch decisive for the success or failure of this or that look, new oakley sunglasses 2016.

new oakley sunglasses 2016, This or that put, Trussardi for summer 2012 has created a collection of eyewear that it offers to the people of fashion as a synthesis of his famous stylistic I believe, combining materials of fine quality such as acetate and titanium (but there are also plenty of natural materials such as wood and the snake skin) to a design that the eye recognizes and appreciates at first sight, to equal a lightning strike between lovers. The range of colors that transits from gently blue, red berry to subtly tints hot but absolutely minimalist as Havana and the turtle. We point out in the collection two models particularly of success: TR12924, entirely hand made with materials that include wood, acetate and the metal and TR12919 with the double bridge and two buttons in the form of eye-catching decorative motifs. Oakley sunglasses man Trussardi Summer 2013