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2017 fashion Oakley Jawbone sunglasses style how to choose

Spring has more than half, the summer is getting closer to us, the face of the coming summer, what is your essential to go out? Xiaobian think of course sunglasses it! Not only can reduce the damage to the eyes of ultraviolet rays, but also can be used to play cool dress up, the extra can also block the eye of the fine lines ah dark circles Han. And different shapes of Oakley Jawbone sunglasses, in the perfect modification of your face at the same time, but also wear a different gas field and style. Especially some friends of myopia, are now wearing myopia, as 2017 fashion Oakley Jawbone sunglasses style how to choose it?

This sunglasses is a lot of stars and net red are the favorite style, which is a one will fall in love with the style, the atmosphere of the box coupled with the full charm of the blue lens, personality is not cumbersome, youthful and dynamic The anti-ultraviolet and solar radiation, better able to modify the face, highlight the lively character, if the beach travel, it is definitely a good choice.

A very retro style butterfly sunglasses. Leopard frame makes people sexy, coupled with fresh and natural pattern of mirror legs, very noble and elegant, and greatly the frame is very significant face, face freckles are all to cover, and do not pick face Yo.

This fashion Oakley Jawbone sunglasses?is the biggest difference in the frame with a metallic color, black box in the fashion temperament added a retro style. Whether it is in Europe or the United States or in South Korea, this cheap Oakley Jawbone sunglasses?are very classic, elegant and romantic yet romantic, suitable for all face, running men, stars, net red only you can not think, no you can not see!

What is the most fashionable sunglasses style? Round sunglasses certainly among them, this a simple and comfortable sunglasses, but it is because it is simple, it is classic, is the enduring. Round the frame retro atmosphere, with a thin metal frame, highlights the different personal taste, whether it is travel travel, driving driving, shopping is very suitable for leisure, is a wild trend of a sunglasses.

In addition to the above several fashion sunglasses, billion Oakley Jawbone sunglasses?are still launched in 2017 a lot of new models, the following Xiaobian attached a few pictures for everyone to enjoy, if you want to know more, as soon as possible to look into it!